Our Breweries

Anchor Brewing (USA)

Located in San Francisco, California, is America’s first craft brewery, with roots dating back to the California gold rush.  Today, their beers are handmade from an all-malt mash in their traditional copper brewhouse.  Their process combines the time-honored art of classical brewing with carefully applied, state-of-the-art modern methods.  Anchor’s flagship beer, Anchor Steam® Beer, has been an American favorite since 1896.

Black Isle Brewery (Scotland)

Black Isle Brewery is an organic brewery that has established itself through a distinct link between their traditional heritage and the modern world of craft beer brewing. 

Black Kite Brewery (Hong Kong)

Based in Hong Kong and using fresh ingredients from around the globe, the brewery produces a core range of classic styles, as well as periodic specials.

Brewlander & Co. (Singapore) 

Brewlander & Co. by John Wei aims to challenge the average Asian beer drinker by bringing less common beer styles into the mainstream.  Their "DNA is all about fun, energy, excitement, a sense of humour, and [they] strive to have these qualities reflected in [their] beers."

Founders Brewing Company (USA)

Based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, is one of the most prominent breweries in the United States. It has been ranked in the top four breweries in the world by RateBeer.com for the past four years in a row, and has several beers listed in the top one hundred beers of the world on BeerAdvocate.com.

Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales (USA)

Located in Dexter, Michigan, are dedicated to more than the traditions of old world craftsmanship, using techniques of open fermentation, oak barrel aging and bottle conditioning.  Everything they do is designed to create ales of outstanding art and flavor, with a focus on traditional rustic country style beers.

Kona Brewing Company (USA)

Founded in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, has been producing award-winning beers since 1995.  In order to provide its customers with the freshest beer possible, it has brewing facilities in both Hawaii and the Mainland United States. Kona beers range in color from very blonde to black; in flavor from tangy to hoppy to roasty… and everything in between. Kona beers are widely distributed throughout Hawaii, making Kona the top selling craft beer in the islands. Longboard Island Lager, Fire Rock Pale Ale and Limited Release beers Pipeline Porter and Wailua Wheat Ale are distributed in select markets throughout the United States and in Japan, and are now available in Hong Kong!

Lost Coast Brewery (USA) 

Located in Eureka, California, was founded in 1990 by Barbara Groom and Wendy Pound.  While embracing the rich tradition of English-style ales, Master Brewer Barbara Groom has added a distinctive West Coast flavor to her ales by brewing with Western Plains barley and wheat and the exceptionally clean water of Humbolt County.  Lost Coast’s award-winning beers have been so popular that it has had to move its facilities several times in order to increase production.

Magpie Brewing Co.

Magpie was started in 2011 by four friends in a quiet alley in Seoul and along the way helped spark an explosion of craft beer. In Korea, the magpie is known to herald good news; like the bird, it's Magpie's mission to spread great beer and craft beer culture across the country. 

Napoleone & Co. (Australia)

Located in picturesque Yarra Valley, the team at Napoleone produces cider at an unmatched level of excellence and craftsmanship.  As pioneers of the new age cider movement, Napoleone cider aims to be true to the fruit source: crisp, clean and fruit focused with no added sugars or concentrate.

Neonotic! Cider (Hong Kong)

Neonotic! Cider is Hong Kong's first and only local craft cidery. Neonotic is a rewrite of the word “hypnotic” and “neon” which is best defined as the hypnotic brightness of a neon light. Our intention is to create bright and exotic ciders that push the boundaries of what flavours you can harness from a cider.

Siren Craft Brew (UK)

Siren Craft Brew exists to encourage more people to enjoy, fall for and experiment with craft beers. Named the 'Best Brewer in England' by Ratebeer users in 2015, and recently awarded the Supreme Champion Beer of Britain award by CAMRA.

Thornbridge Brewery (UK)

Thornbridge Brewery is an independent brewery steeped in tradition, passion and knowledge founded at the Thornbridge Hall in Derbyshire, England in 2005.
Their initial focus was on a range of cask beers that used traditional recipes but provided a modern twist through the use of a wide range of hops, malts and the innovation and passion of the brewing team. They have won over 350 national and international awards for their beers. 

Wyoming Whiskey (USA)

Wyoming’s first premium whiskey, using regional ingredients, through a select process that promotes Wyoming’s natural and human resources.

Yo-Ho Brewery (Japan)

Located in the remote Japanese town of Karuizawa, YoHo Brewery has established itself as Japan's largest and most renowned craft brewery.