Summer Drink Ideas: Our Neonotic Cider Floats

Summer Drink Ideas: Our Neonotic Cider Floats

With summer fast approaching and the Hong Kong heat in full swing, we wanted to start the summer season off by sharing some of our favorite Neonotic cider float pairings. The traditional Ice Cream Float uses a soft drink pairing, but after trying these cider floats you’ll see that our ciders were made for this refreshing combination.

Ma Lak Lo, Sichuan Vanilla Cider


Fill up a tall glass of this deliciously sweet and spicy cider.

Add a large scoop of ice cream.

    • Coconut ice cream if you want to round out all the flavours (we used a dairy free alternative that worked great!) or...
    • Vanilla ice cream to complement the sweet flavours of the cider.

Top off with a sprinkle of Szechuan peppercorns to get a real kick.

N.L.C. Lemon Tea Cider


Mix a scoop of your favorite ice cream with this fresh summer cider - we suggest vanilla bean or white chocolate for a nice balance.

The subtle acidity from the lemon gives the drink a nice tangy flavour. Zest some lemon over the top to really bring out the lemony flavors of the drink.

    Auntie Apple Cider


    Try out our flavourful, refreshing take on the classic apple cider mixed with a big ol’ scoop of ice cream (we enjoyed it with a salted caramel ice cream, but feel free to experiment with your favorite flavours).

    Sprinkle cinnamon over top and you’re ready to go! No better combo than this one to enjoy on a hot summer day!


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