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About Us

Shaheen Budhrani


Shaheen is a BJCP ‘Certified’ Level Beer Judge. It’s rumoured that his businesses are an excuse for him to drink copious amounts of beer without coming across as unprofessional. He is yet to respond to these accusations.


Laurie Goldberg


Laurie is a recovering lawyer from the U.S. with a passion for all things food and beverage related. She loves touring breweries, sampling beers from all over the world, and hanging out with others in the beer industry. Laurie Goldberg is also a Cicerone Certified Beer Server, and a cofounder of the Craft Beer Association of Hong Kong.  Her former company, AmeriCraft Imports was named "Best Beer Importer in Hong Kong" at the 2014, 2015 , and 2016 Hong Kong International Beer AwardsBestbev acquired AmeriCraft in 2017.


Shakib Pasha


Shakib enjoys unique blends and Belgian Whites. He is constantly on the hunt for a wild new brew. He is a big fan of Asian breweries that are pushing the boundaries of conventional brewing.


Arnold Lee


Arnold is unashamed supporter of fruity real cider. He is an expert on all things Aussie, having studied in Melbourne. Arnold prides himself in finding the freshest and most unique beers and ciders from Australia.


Gary Cheng

Account Manager

An absolute IPA fanatic, and has a theory that the best thing to pair IPA with is whisky. Highly skilled in maths, with his computing speed being directly proportional to his alcohol intake.


Sandra Kwong

Business Development Manager

Previously based in Germany, ‘alcohol enthusiast’ Sandra is also the current President of the Craft Beer Association of Hong Kong and the co-founder of Coaster Magazine, Hong Kong and Macau’s first bilingual beer magazine. She is currently obsessed with sours and can often be found in pubs preaching the gospel of brewing and good beer.


Sophie Foxall

Account Manager

Sophie picked up her passion for craft beer after spending four years in the Pacific North West. Unashamedly into the lighter styles of beer, nothing makes Sophie happier than a nice cold Kölsch in the great outdoors!

Ka Tsun Chan ("A.I.")


Although having previously worked in the wine industry, A.I is also a big fan of porters and stouts. He believes that alcoholic beverages are a catalyst for in-depth communications, so he likes to talk with people after work with a glass of wine or beer.