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Black Kite Sour Beer Variety Pack

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Don't be sour, we have some sweet news!
Black Kite has launched a Sour series variety pack, featuring the newly re-release Salted Plum Gose. Balancing acidity and sweetness, this set will pack a punch!


Pins and Needles Passionfruit Sour
Kettle Sour
4.5% ABV | 10 IBU
Oh, what a kick! Pours hazy orange with a nose of tropical passionfruit, gentle waves of sour notes that are slowly mellowed into a sweet passion fruit finish.

Pins and Needles Blackcurrant
Kettle Sour
4.6% ABV | 10 IBU
A big purple monster of a beer, gushing with the natural sweetness and tartness of blackcurrant that adds depth to our kettle sour; reminiscent of a childhood favourite blackcurrant cordial.

Pins and Needles Tamarind
Fruited Sour
4.2% ABV | 7 IBU
Balanced tart flavour with hints of ginger spice and lime, this naturally soured beer amplifies the fruity notes of tamarind without being overly sweet.

Pins and Needles Salted Plum Gose
Kettle Sour
4.6% ABV | 10 IBU
Kettle soured with mixed lacto bacillus culture, infused with wah mui, roselle hibiscus and sea salt. Clean and fruity sour with light salinity, plummy caramel stone fruit and cranberry mid notes.