The movers and shakers of Hong Kong’s beer world share their thoughts on how to define “craft beer”.


“The textbook answer is beers made by small, independent brewers, but i think in a drinker's perspective, the main difference is the breweries' approach to beers. Large commercial breweries tend to produce single (or very few) beers, minimize the production costs, then put most of their efforts on marketing and distribution; while craft breweries often create up to hundreds of beers, and most of their efforts are spent on creating new, better beers. So in short, the difference lies in variety and quality.” - Jason Lowe, Heroes Beer Co. 


“Beers that are made with passion, fun, and thought, not mass produced or ‘one-size-fits-all’. Made with creativity and innovation in mind to push the boundaries and break the mould of generic brewing.” - Sophie Foxall, Bestbev 


“Craft is not market-led. Craft is about individuality, about creating, about pushing the boundaries, making something new, not about latching on to the latest trend.” - Luke Yardley, Yardley Brothers Beer


“Craft beer is an affordable luxury, something we seek for higher quality and enjoyment but yet in an inexpensive way. Craft beer represents craftsmanship, which focuses on quality and consistency. Trying new creations while respecting tradition at the same time. Craft beer is about love, passion and precision.” - Kenneth Ho, HK Beer Geeks 


"For me, what craft should be is delicious, engaging and interesting. If I pick something with a comfortably “normal” style I want it to be fresh, flavorful, in great condition. I want an experience that makes me want another and to tell my friends they must share it with me.
If I pick something more extreme or imaginative in its flavor, I want to be excited. I want to feel it’s been made with me in mind; either flavors I know I like, or those that sound like it will offer a new experience. I also want my expectation on taste to be met or exceeded. This is what craft beer is to me, or how I idealize what it should be." - Tom Turner, Neonotic!


Of course, we saved the best for last:

“The good shit.” - Pat Gatherer, The Globe


What is your definition of craft beer?

Sandra Kwong
Sandra Kwong