June 24, 2019

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Thomas Jefferson once preached, “Beer, if drunk in moderation, softens the temper, cheers the spirit and promotes health.” Who knew we were living like a President this whole time? In anticipation of July 4th, we’ve compiled a mean list of our boozy team’s favourite American brews and where to find them in town. 

Founder’s All Day IPA is easy drinking with a good balance between aroma & hoppiness. Outside of our portfolio, I love Pliny the Elder from Russian River. The beer speaks for itself!”
- Gary
Try this beer at: Bound by Hillywood, 32 Boundary Street, Mong Kok

“I like Anchor Steam Ale. It tastes like drinking history.”
- Shakib
Try this beer at: Ham & Sherry, 1-7 Ship Street, Wan Chai

“I feel Anchor Liberty Ale is the perfect choice to ring in America’s Independence Day!”
- Laurie
Try this beer at: Commissary, Shop 405, 4/F Pacific Place, Admiralty

“With temperatures soaring this summer, my beer of choice has to be Kona Brewing’s Big Wave Golden Ale! It’s tropical and fruity, but also light bodied enough that I can easily knock back pints without issue.”
- Sandra
Try this beer at: Craftissimo, Tai Ping Building, 22-24A Tai Ping Shan Street, Sheung Wan

Lost Coast’s Great White wheat ale is my favourite summer beach beer. It has a surfing shark on the label - I mean, come on!”
- Sophie
Try this beer at: Hooked, 86-88 Caine Road, Mid-Levels

Are you more of a stay-at-home homie? From today onwards, we'll be offering a 30% discount off all our American beers in anticipation of July 4th. 
Use code 'USA30' to claim this discount during your checkout.

Happy Independence Day!

Sandra Kwong
Sandra Kwong