It’s always a slippery slope when it comes to recommending a beer to a new drinker. Thankfully, we’ve got a panel of very opinionated beer lovers on-board to help you decide!


1. Lager

Don’t turn your noses up at this style. I’d take a wild guess and say almost all beer lovers start their hoppy journey with a commercial brand. 

“Lagers are smooth and easy drinking. No scary hops!” - Sophie, Bestbev Hoppy Manager

Try our: Longboard Lager from Kona Brewing.


2. Wheat/Witbier

These refreshing German/Belgian style brews demonstrate a fuller, creamier mouthfeel that may appeal to friends with more of a sweet tooth. Known for their slightly fruitier flavours, wheat beers are a great summer go-to. 

Try our: Great White Witbier from Lost Coast Brewing


3. Pale Ale

“Pale ales are more flavour forward than lagers. They’re hoppy, but not as hoppy as IPAs. These would be great for beginners testing out the beer world.” - Gary, Bestbev Sales Extraordinaire 

It’s hard to add much else to Gary’s statement! Recommend a pale ale for a friend with a taste for the hops.

Try our: Goldeneye Pale Ale from Black Isle Brewery


4. Amber Ale

“I didn’t properly fall in love with beers until I tried an amber ale for the first time. It was such an eye-opening experience. Beers can be sweet? With caramelised, dark fruit character? And full-bodied and delicious? Give. Me. More.” - Sandra, Bestbev Big Talker

Amber ales tend to be seasonal brews, so we don’t currently carry one on our portfolio. 

For something similar, try our: Liquid Mistress Red IPA from Siren Craft Brew

Sandra Kwong
Sandra Kwong