Join us as we try to define what it means to be craft by exploring different communities across the city. The scene represents the collective that is growing creativity in Hong Kong. Events
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Bestbev is a team of young and enthusiastic individuals who thrive to bring the coolest events and greatest craft beers and ciders to Hong Kong.We provide reviews, beer hacks, and awareness to what craft beers are all about. Follow us as we try to distill the moments that define the growing craft beer industry in Asia.
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If there’s one thing Hong Kongers like to eat, it’s hot pot. […]

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Craft Beer Rising: Kyoto, Japan

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I traveled to Kyoto recently to investigate the burgeoning craft beer scene […]

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FEATURE: Interview with Neil Tomes, Head Chef of Beef & Liberty!

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Our guest blogger over the summer, Yandy Ngai, got the chance to […]


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